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How to open and use the debug console in the GUAP Desktop Wallet

What is the debug console?

The debug console is a way to use advanced features of the wallet while in the guapcoin-qt GUI.  It is similar to how a command-line user would issue RPC commands using guapcoin-cli.


How do I open the debug console?

To open the debug console, you’ll use ‘Tools > Debug Console’ as shown below:

  1. In your wallet’s menu (usually in the top left of the window or screen depending on your OS), select Tools.  It should be listed among File, Settings, Tools, and Help.
  2. Once you click tools, select Debug console and you should see a window appear similar to the one below:
  3. Once here, go ahead and enter commands at the bottom where noted in the image.


To use the debug menu, type a command and press Enter. Use the command “help” for a list of commands.

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