At GUAP Coin, we want to create a new statistic, one that accurately reflects economic growth, resiliency, and entrepreneurship in Black and brown communities. We believe that our most impactful tool will be our financial voice.

About Us

GUAP Coin is the first publicly launched, decentralized cryptocurrency that addresses the economic and financial concerns of the Global African Diaspora community. This primarily includes African-Americans, Afro-Latinx, Afro-Caribbean, and any other group or culture that identifies with having historical roots on the continent of Africa. We are unified by similar battles with our governing financial systems. We struggle with gentrification and poverty, as well as loss of ownership of our creative assets and inventions. In many cases we are rendered voiceless despite having such a great impact on society.

Our Mission

GUAP’s primary mission is to provide a sound and revolutionary economic base for the underserved, underestimated, and financially uneducated minority community.
We have adopted the term “Buy Black” to reflect the socio-political movement most pertinent to our community. But the underserved population encompasses a wide array of cultures, shades, languages, and ethnic groups around the globe. With GUAP Coin, we unite and empower all corners of the underestimated population with a currency focused on building generational wealth.
Our secondary mission is to educate our community on how to use cryptocurrency and its application in our new economy. Cryptocurrency is best learned in practice, rather than from the sidelines – just like any other form of wealth-building.


In addition to the basics of cryptocurrency, GUAP seeks to educate our community about blockchain and spark a revolution within our consumer patterns. We can build a solid network powered by the blockchain, which will surely give birth to many more applications that enrich our economy.

We want GUAP to expand our everyday dialog into financial education, wealth building, and entrepreneurship for the economically disadvantaged.

We provide a tool for neglected markets to revitalize their communities and combat gentrification. With GUAP, entrepreneurs and leaders can establish business standards and practices by which they can flourish, as well as build a stable economic foundation for future enterprises.

Societies around the world already implement blockchain into their social dynamics. This is our opportunity to unite as a strong economic group and keep the wealth flowing back into our communities.

GUAP won’t just be a cryptocurrency. It will be a network that documents all forms of property ownership: from mortgage contracts to music licenses, the Black and brown community will have its wealth protected by a transparent, immutable blockchain.

How It Started

“Money goes out, but it doesn’t come back in.” – Tavonia Evans

Tavonia Evans is a data scientist, mother of 8, and entrepreneur. After starting her company Safe2Meet, a peer-to-peer identity verification platform, she sought investment in 2015. But over the course of her experience, she learned than less than 1 percent of venture funding goes to Black female founders.

This realization, along with her struggle to secure funding, inspired Tavonia to create a product that specifically serves the interests of the Black community. So she started GUAP Coin in 2017 to help the community maintain wealth and encourage participation in the Black economy.

But GUAP Coin isn’t just about financial prosperity. Tavonia understood early on how valuable data can be, and the role it can play in eliminating economic disparity. With blockchain and cryptocurrency, GUAP can dispel the myth of the “disappearing dollar” with a wealth of data that demonstrates the potential growth factor not just to coin holders, but to future enterprises and investors in Black businesses.

Meet The GUAP Foundation

The GUAP Foundation was formed in 2019 to ensure the preservation of our mission to primarily impact the Black community utilizing this blockchain for good.