Cryptocurrency For The Culture


Guapcoin is the #1 currency solution for the African Diaspora

Scalable & Secure

Commerce-enabled currency that is lightning fast, scalable, and ready for external blockchain markets and trading platforms.

Ecosystem Friendly

Guapcoin is ready to fit into a variety of ecosystems and community models as a digital payment option.

Governance Ready

Built in governance that allows the submission of proposals and voting utilizing the blockchain for transparency.


Earn $GUAP by staking ( saving ) or by owning a Masternode


Guapcoin opens commerce across global boundaries by allowing all transactional data to be transparent and immutable


Get a Guapcoin wallet and be your own bank.


Our Mission

Guapcoin is cryptocurrency created to amplify the economic voice of the Black Community. Knowing the full impact of our spending will motivate and inspire us to concentrate our money within our communities. Using Blockchain as a tool to empower our voice and to unify us ( with a decentralized alternative to a financial system that is not a benefit to us collectively) is one of the most revolutionary acts we can do in these tumultuous times.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form  of digital money that was introduced to the public through what is known as the "first cryptocurrency" - Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is a coin or token with a store of value that is fungible, portable, and highly secure. Nowadays you can purchase practically anything of value using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies it has spawned like Guapcoin. Cryptocurrency can obtain its value from scarcity, community adoption, and ease of use. 

What does Decentralized mean?


Decentralized is a term used in cryptocurrency to describe the absence of any "centralized authority" or middle layer authority such as a bank or government. Decentralized cryptocurrencies truly belong to the people, namely because you as the individual are the bank and are the sole  owner of your funds.

What are Crypto Wallets?


Cryptocurrency wallets are pieces of software that store your addresses and private keys that allow you to interact with blockchains and perform various transactions. Only someone with access to your private keys or wallet can access your funds.

What are Crypto Exchanges?


A cryptocurrency exchange is a website that you can go to trade one digital currency for another. Since Bitcoin is the oldest and the most accessible out of all the cryptocurrencies to date - it is generally the cryptocurrency you would get to acquire other cryptos like Guapcoin. You can find Guapcoin on the Probit Exchange.

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