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GUAP General Terms

  • Immature  – The maturity of coins refers to their staking eligibility, which is controlled by their amount of confirmations.  GUAP are considered mature once they have 6 confirmations, which takes about 6 minutes.


  • Unconfirmed  – A GUAP transaction that has not yet been included in a block. 
  • UTXO – UTXO stands for the unspent output from GUAP transactions (essentially the leftover change). Each GUAP transaction begins with coins used to balance the ledger. UTXOs are processed continuously and are responsible for beginning and ending each transaction. Confirmation of transaction results in the removal of spent coins from the UTXO database. 
  • Orphan block – A block that is no longer part of the active chain.  This can happen most often after fixing your chain or if you stake a block successfully, but someone else staked one slightly sooner.


  • Fork – In general terms, a fork is a divergence like a fork in a road.  The most common use of this term in cryptocurrency is for code or chain forks. In both situations, the data leading up to the fork will match, but after the fork it will differ between the forks.


  • Chain fork – A divergence of a blockchain, usually due to expanding or constricting the rules about what kind of blocks are valid.


  • Code fork – A copy of existing code to be developed toward different goals.


  • Wrong chain – The incorrect blockchain, usually by not updating your software with a mandatory version in time.


  • GUI – Graphical User Interface.


  • CLI – Command Line Interface.


  • Scaled – A scaled transaction or balance indicates that it is on an old wallet version and the wallet has not been upgraded yet
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