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Our mission has always been to empower individuals and communities through education about the true potential of cryptocurrency. Despite its growing popularity, cryptocurrency is still widely misunderstood by many, particularly within black and brown communities. Unfortunately, it is often viewed as a speculative and high-risk investment, rather than as a viable alternative to traditional forms of money.

This perception is a result of a lack of education and understanding about the technology and its potential uses. Cryptocurrency has the power to liberate people from the control of intermediaries, such as banks and governments, by providing a decentralized and democratic means of exchanging value. It has the potential to level the playing field and give marginalized communities more control over their financial lives.



Scalable & Secure

Commerce-enabled currency that is lightning fast, scalable, and ready for external blockchain markets and trading platforms

Ecosystem Friendly

Guapcoin is ready to fit into a variety of ecosystems and community models as a digital payment option.

Governance Ready

Built in governance that allows the submission of proposals and voting utilizing the blockchain for transparency.


Earn $GUAP by staking ( saving ) or by owning a Masternode


Guapcoin opens commerce across global boundaries by allowing all transactional data to be transparent and immutable


Get a Guapcoin wallet and be your own bank..

How to get started

Join Our Telegram

Our Telegram is the first stop into the Guapcoin Community. Drop in our Telegram for community support and engagement.

Get A Guapcoin Wallet

Gaining access to the currency begins with an official Guapcoin wallet. We have wallets on every platform ( IOS, Android, Windows, MAC, Linux ).

Get Guap

Guapcoin is available on Probit and soon other exchanges. Watch one of our tutorials or ask someone in the Telegram to assist you.



Guapcoin has always come up with progressive ways to bring the people together and build community. We developed Guapcoin Hall as a welcoming space for people to come together and share thoughts, ask questions, and discuss ideas about the future growth of our ecosystem. Our Town Hall events held on Money evenings will begin again in November, providing an open forum for the Guapcoin community to connect.

The Town Halls reflect our commitment to transparency and keeping our community informed and engaged. We welcome diverse viewpoints and healthy debate that move us forward. Our community’s passion is what drives Guapcoin’s continued innovation. We’re in this together.

Stay up to date on the November Town Hall events and how to join via our Telegram and Discord channels. 


  • Nov 2017

    Guapcoin launches on Ethereum

  • April 2018

    Guapcoin launches on it's own native chain. POS with Masternodes.

  • June 2018

    Guapcoin launches it's first mobile wallets ( IOS and Android )

  • June 2020

    Guapcoin lists on the Probit Exchange.

  • Jan 2021

    Guapcoin begins to plan it's DAO launch strategy.

  • Nov 2022

    Beginning plans for EVM sister chain.

  • Feb 2023

    Website redesign launch.

  • April 2023

    Launch of the Guapcoin X Chain. 

  • June 2023

    Launch of on chain DAO ( Decentralized Autonomous Organization ) 

  • Aug 2023

    Launch of Layer 2 EVM compatible sister chain. Enabling Smart Contract ability.

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