GUAP Coin Updates 2/22/2021

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Greetings members of the Guap family, welcome back to another weekly recap of all the Guap happenings around the crypto-space. This week we have some big updates for masternode owners, desktop wallet users including a quick recap from the devs.

GUAP Masternode and Desktop Wallet Updates:

If you are an owner of a masternode, please make sure your desktop wallet is up to date with version 2.3.1.  Check out the tutorial video below as it includes installation instructions for both Mac and Windows OS versions:

Developer Update:

Elevating Guap to new levels in terms of features and services for our growing community will continue to be our primary focus. This month we continue our progress with the highly anticipated version 2.3.1 masternode and desktop wallet software update. Version 2.3.1 is the most stable version to date as it improves overall system performance and high availability.
Developers are in the lab working diligently in their efforts in configuring the Guapcoin test-net.  So far the team has implemented several key platforms designed for internal code editing, auditing, and evaluation with a pipeline to production. More details on the latest patch will be released soon.

GUAP Coin comes to Twitch!

Two members of The Guap Foundation, Jason Lamb and Jerome Johnson, appeared on KNSJ 89.1 FM radio show. Below is the hour segment explaining the specifications of Guapcoin, our target audience, as well as future projects we are working on. For those interested in stocks, we covered that too. Catch the full replay here:

Updated tutorial on How to buy GUAP Coin on Probit

Guap Foundation member, Okolo, has released an updated tutorial on how to purchase Guapcoin on both the computer and mobile phone. You can check out the video below:

Big Ideas with Guapcoin

After the price surge to 36 cents many people got more involved with Guapcoin. Our Telegram group is 50 people away from hitting 2,000 members. Another 50 masternodes went online since our last blog post.
More noticeably, people now have bigger plans with Guapcoin as you can see below:

This monetary idea has been brought up before by another Guapcoin user. Below is a YouTube video describing a similar idea of not just a town with an economy based on Guapcoin, but it talks about an entire supply chain ran on Guapcoin so that minorities can keep the money in their communities. In fact, Jason mentioned in the Twitch interview above how Guapcoin may be more valuable to towns than the price mentioned on exchanges because Guapcoin would play such a pivotal role in smaller communities.
Check out the video and stay tuned for weekly updates!

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