Guapcoin Partners with the India Blockchain Alliance

Guapcoin partnership with India Blockchain Alliance
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In the latest news with Guapcoin. Angel Johnson, a director of the Guap Foundation spearheaded a partnership with Raj A. Kapoor the founder of the India Blockchain Alliance (IBA). The favorable benefits for Guapcoin is significant:

What does this mean for Guapcoin?

  1. Interns will have the opportunity to work and contribute to Guapcoin’s Blockchain.
  2. Additional POS systems will be available as Guapcoin’s merchant database grows.
  3. Guapcoin will be listed on more exchanges
  4. More educational resources for Black and Brown communities.
  5. New Hackathons to come that will encourage more youth to get involved and incorporate Guapcoin into their daily lives.

The India Blockchain Alliance:

The IBA was established in 2018. Just like the Guap Foundation, the IBA is a not-for-profit organization that promotes evidence-based adoption of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies across the public and private sectors.

Learn more about the IBA, here:


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