Guapcoin GitLab is Live for Developer Access!

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Guapcoin’s Dev GitLab is Live!

guapcoin-gitlab-privateWelcome to the coder’s paradise, where developers can come and bring their imaginations to life. After weeks of hard work from our dev team, Guap Academy is proud to deliver a public and private GitLab instance where all coding languages are welcomed. HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, C++, C#, Python, Node.js and more! Some of the projects underway are to be kept confidential. However, we would like to extend our platform to software developers interested in improving Guapcoin or starting their own projects that include using the Guapcoin blockchain, API data, or its currency.

  • Do you want to build a website? You can do that here.
  • What to build software? You can do that here.
  • Want to build an app? You can most definitely do that here.
  • Want to build a video game mobile app? You can do that as well.

Even if you just want to be a developer to contribute to the ecosystem and help it expand, you are welcomed. If you’re a debugger and you are confident in saying….


You are always welcomed.

Where is the GitLab and how to obtain developer access

The Guap Dev Gitlab is located at

Public access will become available to select developers looking to improve or build products, apps, software, and services on the Guapcoin blockchain.  However, we are currently looking for key members to assist in further developing the Guapcoin wallets, blockchain and block explorer. Below are some general requirements for requesting access to the Guapcoin Gitlab.

 General Requirements

  1. Must have above average experience in at least one the following code languages: C++ , Java, Shell, Python, or other. 
  2. Member must be able to provide examples of their work or experience as a developer
  3. Have experience compiling code using Linux terminal or other software
  4. Must be willing to work with other team members and take direction from Lead Devs
  5. Suggest and implement improvements on current products
  6. Software or application must be designed to function on GUAP Blockchain

If you have experience in at least 3 of the five general requirements, please check out the developer contact page , Join our telegram group Guapcoin developers, or email our Director of Technology, JR Williams, at: [email protected]  Remember, Guapcoin’s value will increase only if we can work together to improve its current infrastructure while developing additional applications and services.


As a developer, how can you improve Guapcoin and your community?

Developers are one of the most valuable and critical groups in delivering software and services across all platforms.  They are the brains behind all the applications we enjoy today. Bringing your subject matter expertise to Guapcoin will provide education and value while bridging the technology gap in minority communities.

Fox example, imagine a mobile app or video game that allows its user to pay for power-ups in Guapcoin.  Anything is possible in our dev lab. You can help bring value to the project by assisting a dev team in building a browser extension that allow users to connect their Guapcoin wallet.  Anything is possible; the GitLab is your sandbox to build our future.

Other News and Updates: Guapcoin Reminders

  • To answer a few FAQs, if you are looking to get a Guapcoin wallet, click here to get a wallet for your computer and/or mobile device.
  • If you are wondering where you can see the price of Guapcoin in dollars (USD), you are welcome to visit the Guap Explorer at:
  • If you are looking for more historical price data, you can find $GUAP on Coinmarketcap.
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