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1. Is Guap coin decentralized?


2. What’s the difference between a coin and a token? Which is Guap?

A coin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency. A token is a crypto that does not have its own blockchain. Originally Guap was a token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Now, we have our own blockchain which is a fork of BITCOIN – DASH – PIVX.

3. Can anyone mine Guap coin? 

No. Guap coin uses a Proof of Stake. If you are unsure what Proof of Stake is, please visit our Proof of Stake article in our knowledge base which you can find here.

4. How Many Guap Coins are there? 

There is a max supply of 90 million coins. To read more about the specifications of Guap coin click here.

5. Guap coin has a treasury Fund? What’s that?

The heart of our governance. Members of our community submit proposals for worthy projects to invest Guap in. Those projects are voted on by the community and high ranking projects are escalated to our Guap Governors (masternode holders) to vote on. If it passes with majority vote that project receives the funding the following month directly from the blockchain.

6. Will Guap be on an exchange?

Yes, a decentralized exchange.

7. Is there a marketplace for people who accept Guap as payment?

We’re building it as we speak.

8. Is there a phone wallet? 

That’s coming soon.

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