And the Guap Honorees for Black History Month Are …. !

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Please join us in congratulating the honorees of the 2021 Guap Honors!

The vote is in for the 2021 Guap Honors in: Education, Advocacy and Technology, and the Guap community’s Ambassador of the Year.  Thank you to everyone who participated, and to The Guap Foundation committee members for making this happen.

The Anna Julia Cooper Honor for Education (2)

Tonya Evans, created Advantage Evans an online education platform devoted primarily to empowering and preparing women and people of color for the future of money, entrepreneurship and work.

Cheree Warrick, pioneer founder Leo Blockchain LLC and Black Blockchain Consultants

The Amy Jacques Garvey Honor for Advocacy (2)

Najah Roberts, founder and CEO of the Crypto Blockchain Plug, a community education hub that teaches classes, hosts talks and events for new and experienced cryptocurrency users.

Cleve Mesidor, pioneer, author of “The Clevolution”, founder National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain

The Octavia Butler Honor for Technology

Fred Lee Brandon III, founder Brand New Technologies, author of “Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Embracing a Digital Future”

Fannie Lou Hammer Honor for Guap Ambassador of the Year

Jerome Johnson, Guap Foundation Governor

Please stay tuned as we move the celebration into Women’s History Month to continue to pay homage to not only the honorees, but the honor’s innovative namesakes as well.

Want to learn more about The Guap Foundation, Inc. and Crypto for the Culture?  Check out the Foundation’s website (note: the site is currently down for upgrade) and sign up for our newsletter email list.  For more information on Guapcoin, click here.


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