Guapcoin Important Community Announcement

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This is a public notice in response to the recent changes to block rewards currently producing 15.75 to masternode and 5.25 staking.

Question Why are the Block rewards no longer 20 MN and 5 staking?

Answer: The 20 Masternode 5 staking reward system was designed to be a temporary payout system which would automatically expire in February after the Tulsa DAO update. During the testing of the DAO we discovered a programming error that would not permit the original agreed upon rewards payout of 16 MN 5 staking because it was not the correct mathematical configuration for a 80/20 split, therefore were forced to make a quick adjustment to the source code by altering the reward values to 15.75 masternodes and 5.25 staking. This with accurately reflects 80/20 rewards payout and allowed the development team to compile the source code and deliver 2.3.2

Question: Why was this issue not released to the Community until now?

Answer:  The Tulsa update contained security bugs and a concern in regards to a misuse of the DAO. As those concerns were being addressed, the Dev Team also noticed an issue where the new voted upon rewards structure was unable to be programmed into code and compiled for implementation. Ultimately, the rewards change was an oversight on our side and we neglected to inform the community due to our focus on fixing the DAO. 

Based on the the current state of the DAO, and its block reward distribution, which is 80/20, the existing reward of 15.75 MasterNodes (MN) plus 5.25 Staking (STK) are accurate. 

Question: Where is the treasury ?

Currently, there is no set allocation for the treasury. The existing algorithm, inclusive of the mathematical calculation/requirement that ensures an 80/20 split solely be allocated toward MN/Staking is the latest milestone in the DAO rollout. The most recent deadline was reached this past February, which is where we are as of 3/7/2022.

Question: What will be the updated reward system to ensure a 80/20 split between masternode holders and staking?

Answer:  The properly formatted reward system below is the closest we could configure to the original voted upon values. 

Block height 1,350,000 to 2,000,000
Block Reward : 21 Guap
75% for MN (15.75 Guap for MN)
25% for Staker(5.25 Guap for Staker)”””
Superblock reward: 172,800 GUAP

Block height 2,000,001 to 4,000,000
Block Reward : 17 Guap
75% for MN (12.75 Guap for MN)
25% for Staker(4.25 Guap for Staker)”””
Superblock reward: 138,240 GUAP

Block height 4,000,001 – 6,000,000
Block Reward : 13 Guap
75% for MN (9.75 Guap for MN)
25% for Staker(3.25 Guap for Staker)”””
Superblock reward: 103,680 GUAP

Block height 6,000,000 to ~
Block Reward : 9 Guap
75% for MN (6.75 Guap for MN)
25% for Staker(2.25 Guap for Staker)”””
Superblock reward: 43,200 GUAP

For more information please reach out the the Guapcoin Dev Team via Telegram. 

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