Jerome Johnson Jr.

Ambassadors, Contributors, Marketing, Supporter
My name is Jerome Johnson, Jr. I have been designing websites since 2011. I picked up social media marketing in 2012. Finally, I developed a skill set in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  In summation, I do my best to take your imagination and put it on screen for the world to see.
I graduated from Beverly Hills High School and majored in Computer Science at Morehouse College.  Certified in Hootsuite since 2014. I’m based out of Los Angeles, California.
I started Digital Living Space in 2016. Since then I’ve gone on to help small business owners in Los Angeles. Later on, I taught digital marketing classes, became a consultant for Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation their web designer and social media marketer. I recently acquired an office in Inglewood and I am excited about the growth that is soon to come in the coming years.